Miss Schizophrenia = Duplex & Brackelsberg

You can only type one letter at a time. To work twice as quickly, you only have to put two separate keyboards next to each other. The typist then types two subsequent letters, that strike the paper next to each other.

Theory is not the reality

This, at least, is the theory. In reality, Duplex drives his users up the wall. From where they would love to throw that useless thing down.

They stare at, at least a hundred (100!) keys in four quadrants. At the bottom left and right all lower case letters are double - except the central z and x ...  At the top left, the capitals, and in the upper right quadrant, all numbers and types. To make things even more confusing, the letters on the shorter rows are ordered differently to the standard QUERTY keyboard! And there is only a space bar on the right hand side ...

2 hands at the same time

Do you want to type 'if'?  Then a left finger has to go to the i, and a right finger to the f at the same time. The target group is, as a consequence, very small: typists with a split personality. The Duplex only lasts for a few years after its launch in1894.

4 fingers at the same time

So you imagine that it cannot get any more idiotic? Well, you must have forgotten to take inventor Brackelsberg and his 'Gruppenschreibmaschine' into consideration. On no less than 132 keys, the typist is supposed to strike 4 letters in 4 alphabet groups at the same (and then be taken away in a straight-jacket). The machine does not find any suicidal buyers.


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