Odell 2Miss Nouveau = Odell

The heyday of Jugendstil or Art Nouveau was at end of the nineteenth century.

Winding plant motifs

With nature as a source of inspiration, rich decorations are used in interior and industrial design and in architecture. Stylized plants and flowers wind over surfaces and around corners.

Even some typewriters cannot escape this trend.

The Odell, Smith Premier 1, Bar-Lock and Ford are witness to this.

Freaks of nature undesirable in professional environment

Yet in a professional environment, these 'freaks of nature' are only granted a short life.
Office machines should be uniform black, with dull, straight lines as the only frivolity.

The swing-round of the Smith Premier 1 to the 2.
Or the evolution of the Bar-Lock as shown below to that of a few years later.


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