Miss Bravery = Royal Portable

Royal is the last of the major brands to come onto the market with a portable, but it does this with a promotional stunt!

Largest commercial airplane

Smith, the flamboyant Royal chairman, buys the newest three engined Ford airplane. The Royal logo with the legend 'Royal Air Truck - Capacity: 210 Royal portable typewriters' adorns its tail. At that moment it is the largest commercial airplane ever

Air mail

In countless flights, the Royal Air Truck brings the brand new, portable Royal typewriters to all corners of the United States. More than two thousand dealers wait for their 'air mail'.

Literally, because the eleven thousand typewriters are thrown out of the plane in crates - albeit with parachutes. According to reports, only six are damaged because they land on their corners. These are pushed discreetly to one side by Royal officials. They make sure that only the contents of the crates that hit the ground flat are revealed to the flashlights of the press hounds.

Indestructible Royal

The public is delighted and immediately convinced of the indestructibility of a Royal Portable. They start a run on the dealer network and are egged on by the press who cover the campaign extensively. The portable Royal has certainly made an entrance. And eighty years on, it receives the posthumous title of 'bravest typewriter ever'.


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